Skill Set

IT & Equipment, Infrastructure and Networks

An IT Support Engineer is a professional responsible for maintaining the computer systems and networks within an organization. They play a crucial role in ensuring that IT infrastructure operates smoothly and efficiently. This includes troubleshooting hardware and software issues, setting up and configuring new hardware and software, and providing technical support to users. They also perform regular system maintenance and updates to prevent potential issues. The goal of an IT Support Engineer is to ensure optimal system performance and to minimize system downtime, thereby supporting the overall productivity of the organization.


IT Consultant /IT Analyst outsourced @ JT International, Greece Branch Cosmos Business Systems Group, 2023 — Present

  • Distinguished as an IT Consultant and Analyst for delivering strategic security guidance, which significantly impacted the organization's policies and procedures and led to the awarding of the cybersecurity badge.
  • Managed multiple IT Equipment installation projects, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of network systems, resulting in improved productivity and reduced downtime for end-users.
  • Spearheaded the implementation of network security measures, including patch management and vulnerability assessments, which reduced security breaches and enhanced overall information technology infrastructure.
  • Cloud Solutions and Active Directory Management: Led the pivotal transition from local Active Directory (AD) to Azure Active Directory Join (AADJ) via autopilot, aligning with the company's strategic shift to cloud solutions.
  • Administered and maintained the company's domain controller, showcasing expertise in Active Directory management and cloud technologies.
  • IT Equipment and Software Deployment: Deployed and maintained critical IT hardware, including endpoint devices such as laptops, iPhones, and Android phones, ensuring efficient operation across the company.
  • Implemented and managed Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms (MTR), enhancing communication capabilities.
  • Rolled out ClickShare conference solutions in meeting rooms for presentations, contributing to streamlined meeting processes.
  • ServiceNow: Utilized ServiceNow as a platform to manage and track IT service requests, incidents, and inventory.
  • Leveraged ServiceNow to manage and maintain IT equipment inventory efficiently, reducing equipment procurement time by 40% and ensuring accurate asset tracking for a portfolio of over 1,000 devices.
  • Configured and customized ServiceNow workflows to align with client-specific processes, optimizing service delivery and incident resolution; reduced average resolution time by 25% and improved customer satisfaction by 15%.
  • Training and User Support: Conducted comprehensive training sessions for employees on using Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms and ClickShare conference systems, promoting user competency.
  • Provided first- and second-level user support remotely via the company's system, including GSD support and Windows Quick Assist.

IT Consultant / IT Analyst outsourced @ Nielsen Company, Greece Branch CPI - Computer Peripherals International, 2023 — 2023

  • As an IT consultant, provided strategic guidance to organizations, helping them align their technology initiatives with their business goals. Collaborated closely with clients to assess their IT needs and develop technology roadmaps. Recommended solutions to enhance efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness. My role included expertise in technologies like Active Directory (AD), CyberArk, and ServiceNow, providing insights to clients on leveraging these solutions effectively.
  • Active Directory (AD): Managed and maintained Active Directory environments for clients. This included user account provisioning, group management, and access control. Ensured secure authentication and authorization mechanisms, implemented best practices, and addressed AD-related technical issues. My expertise in AD contributed to efficient user management and access control within client organizations.
  • ServiceNow: Utilized ServiceNow as a platform to manage and track IT service requests, incidents, and inventory. Responsible for configuring and customizing ServiceNow workflows to align with client-specific processes. This helped streamline service delivery and incident resolution. Also leveraged ServiceNow to manage and maintain IT equipment inventory efficiently.
  • Okta - Identity and Access Management (IAM): Primarily used Okta for IAM. Ensured that user identities were properly managed and access to applications and resources was controlled through multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO).
  • CyberArk: Essential for robust Privileged Access Management (PAM). Secured credentials through Vault Management, enforced strict Access Control with RBAC and PoLP, and provided vigilant Monitoring and Alerts. This comprehensive approach safeguards sensitive data and critical systems, making it indispensable in today's cybersecurity landscape.

C.U.T.E. Support Engineer @ Printec Group (Athens International Airport, GR), 2022 — 2023

  • Specialized in the use of Windows and Cisco Systems, including servers, switches, routers, hubs, firewalls, and network protocols (LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/UDP).
  • Installed and upgraded hardware-based networks, network switches, and cabling systems, enhancing infrastructure reliability and performance.
  • Conducted in-depth research to identify solutions to complex software and hardware issues, improving system efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Performed comprehensive troubleshooting analysis of networks, servers, workstations, and associated systems, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.
  • Played a pivotal role in implementing and managing IT solutions for multiple clients simultaneously, demonstrating strong project management and multitasking abilities.
  • Facilitated client procurement processes, overseeing the selection, installation, and support of servers, workstations, network devices, and software solutions.
  • Directed the preparation and deployment of IT infrastructure for clients, ensuring seamless integration of servers, workstations, and network devices.
  • Maintained effective and timely communication with management to ensure the successful completion of IT projects and tasks.

Tech Expert Germanos Stores, 2007 — 2022

  • Developed software fine-tuning (Android, iOS) and hardware repairs of cell phones and tablets in compliance with company policies.
  • Offered services in repairing desktops and laptops of various brands.
  • Asked customers targeted questions to quickly understand the root of the problem/Provided prompt and accurate feedback.
  • Maintained strong relationships with clients.
  • Goals achievement.
  • Effective promotion of company products’ benefits. Planned strategies to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and execute a strategic pricing model, resulting in a 15% increase in profit margins and improved overall revenue generation for the organization.

Digital Printing Department/Technician Austriacard, 2000 — 2006

  • Prepared a digital printing machine to print EOΦ tax labels for pharmaceutical products.
  • Performed maintenance on the digital printing machine to ensure its smooth operation.
  • Conducted quality control of the printed labels.
  • Collaborated with the production department to ensure the smooth operation of the production line.
  • Coordinated with the IT department to ensure the smooth operation of the digital printing machine.
  • Worked with the warehouse department to ensure the smooth operation of the production line.


Hellenic Open University BSc Computer Science, 2017 — 2023

A comprehensive curriculum that emphasized: network architecture, cloud computing solutions, cybersecurity principles, system administration, and IT project management. Engaged in hands-on projects focusing on the deployment and management of IT infrastructure, the implementation of cloud services, and the application of security measures to protect organizational data. Collaborated on team projects to design and implement network solutions and participated in solo projects to troubleshoot and optimize IT systems, reflecting real-world IT challenges and solutions.

University of Bolton MSc Data Analytics, 2024 — Ongoing

An intensive curriculum dedicated to the principles and practices of data analytics, covering statistical analysis, machine learning, data mining, and big data technologies. The program emphasizes the application of analytical techniques to interpret, manage, and leverage data across various sectors. Coursework includes hands-on projects involving real-world data sets, predictive modeling, and data visualization techniques. Collaborative and individual projects are designed to enhance technical skills and strategic thinking, preparing students for challenges in data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.



  • CCNA
  • Cisco DevAsc
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • Data Analytics


  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Data Analytics
  • Infrastructure